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My favorite hiking spots in & around Capetown

Capetown is probably the place to be for all the nature lovers. It is known for its amazing landscape and there are so many beaaaaautiful hiking spots in and around the mother city. There is a huge option for all different hiking levels. I am sure we will find the right hiking trail for you. I love hiking- so here are my favorite ones I’ve done so far.

Lions Head

Lion’s Head is one of my favorite ones. It is not that difficult to hike, safe and you have a wonderful view of Capetown, the mountains and the beaches.

Lion’s Head (669 m) is located between Table mountain and Signal Hill and starting point is Signal Hill Road. It is a bit steep in the beginning and you have to climb rocks in the end. But you can definitely make it.

Lion’s Head is really famous for its sunrise, sunset hikes and full moon hikes. It is much easier to take an Uber to the parking spot.

Wallys Cave is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset when you want to be on your own.

Table Mountain

Table mountain is probably the most amazing tourist place in Capetown. Maclean’s Beacon is the highest point of the mountain with 1089 m above sea level. Table Mountain is one of the 7 New World wonders of Nature so you should not miss this beauty of nature. There are different ways to make it to the top. But there are not only hiking options, you can also do climbing or mountain biking.

All routes are listed below

  1. Platteklip George to Upper Cable Station is a 5,6 km trail. This is also a moderate/ hard route. You have to pass the cable car station and drive for some more minutes till you reach the starting point. Then it goes up steeply but it is really, really nice.

  1. Skeleton George: This trail starts at the Botanical Garden and is the quickest way to the top of table mountain. Skeleton Gorge takes in all the floral zones on the mountain. And by the time you reach the upper cable station, you will have had views in all directions. It also leads through some of the less-visited parts of the mountain and offers interesting asides like the Table Mountain reservoirs.

India Venster: This is one of the most beautiful and exciting hiking trails. It starts about 50m to the right of the lower cable car station on Table Mountain Road. When you reach the contour path, you will see a green sign pointing to your left and to your right. India Venster is no longer indicated and starts behind that sign post UP the mountain (follow the blue and/or green spray paint marks and yellow footprints on the rocks). It depends on you fitness level but the trail is about 2-4 hours one way.

  1. Twelve Apostel Pipe Treck: This is a 5,8 km long out and back trail located near Clifton. At the intersection of Kloof Nek and Tafelberg Road take the flight of granite steps where Stone Pines and the common sugar bush offer shade and you’ll see Oudekraal and Camps Bay coastlines. Pass the start of the Kasteelspoort path along the concrete jeep track and Corridor Ravine and cross Slangolie Stream.


This hike is going to Upper Cable car Station via Echo Valley. You can start at Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay and this is more a moderate hiking route. It is going up steeply but you have a beautiful view and when you are on the top you have some options to extend your hiking route. So you can walk to the dams or take the twelve apostles route which is really nice.  It takes about 3 hours to go up and down.

Chapmans Peak

“Chappies” is really famous for Capetown. Most of the people love to drive this famous and beautiful panorama route by car. It goes from Hout Bay and Noordhoeak. I would love to explore this landscape by bicycle once. It should be aaaamazing!

There are 2 walking routes:

  1. Start: Chapman’s Peak parking place. This trail is about 3 hours (pictures & picnic). When you are entering Chapmans Peak Drive you need to tell that you are just going for the hike. Then you don’t need to pay the..

It is a beeeeautiful hike! I really love this one. The view is so stunning!

  1. Noordhoek – Chapman’s Peak:  Beautiful views of Atlantic, Hout Bay, Fish Hoek and Gordon’s Bay. It takes about 6 hours (incl. picnic and photo stops).

Devils Peak

Devil’s Peak is 1000m above sea level and you can reach the top in 3 different hiking routes. You can start your hiking tour from the table mountain road, Beginnen Sie den Aufstieg von der Tafelberg Road auf der Stadtseite,  durch die Newlands Schlucht oder über den oberen Konturweg vom Mowbray-Kamm und Minor Peak aus. You can’t hike Devils Peak from Mai till August. You have a beautiful view when you are on the top.

Woodstock Cave

This is just a really short hike. But Woodstock Cave is really nice and good to take some nice pictures as well. Woodstock cave is on the devil’s Peak and starts at the Rhodes Memorial Rhode. This easy hike is about an hour and the the round trip is about 3-4 hours.

Silvermine Nature Reserve

It is only a 20 minutes drive from town and then you are already in Silvermine Nature Reserve. This area is absolutely beautiful for hiking, walking or mountainbike tours. You can decide if you want to go for short hike or longer ones. There is a nice and short hike to the Elephant’s Eye (dt.: Elefantenauge). You have a beautiful view over there.

If you are going for a longer hike you can go and have a swim in the lake afterwards.

Cape Point Nature Reserve

There are many hiking options in the  Cape Point Nature Reserve. There are nice panorama routes: The atlantic coast and the false bay coast which is more difficult. There is also a 2 days hike trek called The Cape of Good Hope Trail which should be really nice.

We went to cape point parking place and did the 4 km trek to Dias Beach and back. Beautiful view, flora & fauna.

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