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Travel Guide: Garden Route

Of course when you are in Capetown for a couple of weeks you visit the Gardenroute. So I packed all my stuff and took my friend Catrin from the airport and we started our Roadtrip to the Gardenroute. After 3 hours ride we arrived the surfer spot Mossel Bay.

My Tipp: The Blue Shed Coffe Roastery is a hippie place for a coffee/ tea break.  After this stop we had to drive one more hour to our first stop: Wilderness.


Where to stay in Wilderness

Views & Boutique Hotel: Really nice hotel. Beach. Perfect View. Nice Food!

My Tipp: Veggie Curry 🙂

What to do in Wilderness

Hike to the waterfall. We did the Giant Kingfisher Trail, which is a super nice, 1.5 hour long hike, that took us to a beautiful waterfall. You need to swim underneath the waterfall. It is beeaaaautiful!

If you have more time in Wilderness or if you are heading to Plettenberg Bay, stop at Timberlake Village. It is a cute little hippie farm village with nice coffee or lunch shops.

Plettenberg Bay

Where to stay

Emily Moon. This is just an incredible place to stay while traveling the garden route. Actually we just booked it for one night. At the end we have stayed for 3 nights.

What to do

Robberg Nature Reserve: So stunning! We went for the Point Circuit Trail which was absolutely beautiful. The landscape and the view is really, really nice. You shouldn’t miss that. Don’t forget your beach stuff!

Gap Circuit

Trail distance: 2.1km Estimated time: 30 minutes

The shortest and easiest route that heads straight into a mudstone cleft, which has evidence of the prehistoric break-up of Gondwanaland 120 million years ago. Do not stand near cliffs, particularly if the wind is very strong.

Witsand Circuit

Trail distance: 5.5km Estimated time: 2 hours

The trail leads along the northern ridge of the peninsula and onto the wind-shadow of the climbing-falling dune, before heading down to the tombolo and boardwalk. Hikers will pass above the resident seal colony along the way and encounter a colony of kelp gulls at the end of the trail. Do not stand near cliffs, particularly if the wind is very strong.

Point Circuit

Trail distance: 9.2km Estimated time: 4 hours

This is a fairly strenuous walk and not recommended for young children. The trail heads up the north ridge to the Point and then back along the southern rocky shoreline. A highlight is encountering the hundreds of gannets, cormorants and terns at the Point. Do not stand near cliffs, particularly if the wind is very strong.

Natures Valley

While staying at Emily Moon we went to the Tsitsikamma Nationalpark and Natures Valley. This is a Must Do on your Gardenroute Roadtrip.

Tsitsikamma Nationalpark

Salt River Trail. Really nice hiking trail. It was rainy and windy but still amazing. You shouldn’t miss this!


On the way back to Capetown we went to Knysna Viewpoint. It was really nice. Knysna is a famous holiday spot on the Gardenroute.

So, I really enjoyed traveling the garden route. If you have more time in South Africa you should hire a car and go on a road trip. You won’t regret it! 🙂

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