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Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

I am Anita Zachou, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach.
Through my work, I help people discover themselves, achieve their goals and live their lives with more health, wellness, beauty, fulfilment and happiness.

I believe:

In the power within us

The strength of the human soul is endless. When we actually find what is meaningful to each one of us, then we can find the strength to achieve it and go against all odds if necessary.

In our heart’s intelligence

Our heart’s intuitive intelligence always knows what is good for us and can recognize the right path. If we align our three dimensions (body, soul, mind), we’ll be able to hear it and live a life with less inner conflicts and achieve both spiritual and physical health.

That everything happens for a reason

I see life as a journey, not as a destination. Whatever happens, happens for our own education and development. Everything changes and nothing is eternal. Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and welcoming the new will make life more interesting and fulfilling.

That fortune favors the bold

…and those who are able to get out of their comfortness! Beyond our comfort zone there is always a better life waiting to be discovered. By taking risks (always with an action plan), we have better chances of getting what we want than living in already known patterns & habits.