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Barre-Fusion Trainerin

As the daughter of two personal trainers, I grew up surrounded by movement and sports. But only recently did I discover a new angle of movement: teaching! 
Who knew I’d enjoy making people sweat. And the Barre-Fusion workout will definitely make you break out in a sweat!  The workout combines elements of Ballet with Pilates & Yoga, it’s credited with shaping long, lean muscles, like those of ballet dancers. 
We will work our upper body first, followed by exercises for the thighs, glutes and last but definitely not least, our abs. I’ve been doing Barre-Fusion for five years now. I completed my teacher training last summer and have been teaching ever since.
Whether you do sports to calm your thoughts, push yourself, gain energy, or build mental and physical strength, it is my personal goal to get the most out of the hour you give me.
Ready to sweat & shine? Come and join me & cama!

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